Unspent outputs

This graph is showing unspent outputs per year since genesis block. Every Bitcoin transaction has two elements: input and output. Input is showing from which address payment is coming and output is showing to which address it goes to. So, the output basically is the "income" to an address. Unspent output means: "income to an address that is not spent yet and sitting there ever since transaction has happend". As we can see here, there are many Bitcoins that are out there for years without moving. That could possibly indicate they are lost (lost keys) which could have impact on stock/flow ratio because of stock value. Coinbase transactions are the ones where coins are generated with mining, so they are not transferred from another address. Orange bar is showing how many coins generated never moved. Hovering over specific bar is showing also percentage of coinbase amount in total amount.

This graph is not being updated every 15 minutes as all other due to the fact that it requires significant processing power and storage and for now it will be updated once a week and in the near future once a day.

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Unspent outputs graph
Dormant coins > 10y
1.301.441,48 (7,1%)
Dormant coins > 5y
3.959.956,08 (21,6%)
Total coinbase unspent
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